My passion for cycling started in 2011, when I decided to cycle from Northern Galicia to the “chin” of Portugal (Sagres). I discovered that cycling is just the right tool to discover a country: it is not as fast as a car, train or bus and not as slow as walking. You have time to enjoy the scenery and observe what’s around you. Plus, you have the freedom to go whatever you want without being tied to bus timetables or petrol.

After Portugal, I did the Danube route, Northern to Southern Catalonia, Southern New Zealand, Taiwan, Northern New Zealand, Portugal from top to bottom (this time following the Spanish border), Vietnam from Hanoi to Saigon, Moldova and Romania, and now planning future trips.

I also like cycling to practice the languages I am learning. I work online as a translator, so I can work and travel at the same time. This has its good and bad things, as I can do long trips of several months without this affecting my work, but it can somethimes be stressing and also time-limiting.


Steve has come to some of my trips. He works online as well, as a proofreader, so it makes it easier to travel together. Travelling with people who do not work online can be difficult because I only cycle for some hours a day and I spend the rest of them working, so this can be very boring to most cycling tourers.

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