(català) De Viladamat a HernaniJune 2021 - June 2021~2000 km

Brest to BrestAugust 2018 - October 2018~4000 km

Breast-cancer fundraising trip from the city of Brest (Brittany) to the city of Brest (Belarus), mainly following the Eurovelo 6 and 4 cycling routes, in a recumbent trike.

Saigon to PhuketDecember 2017 - February 2018~2800 km

After travelling from Europe to Saigon by train, we buy bicycles in Saigon to cycle all the way to Phuket, crossing Cambodia and Southern Thailand.

Southern TierDecember 2017 - February 2018~5000 km

From March to July 2016, we followed the so-called Southern Tier route, going from the Pacific coast in San Diego, California, to the Atlantic coast in St Augustine, Florida. 5 months and 5,000 km through the states of California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida.

From Hanoi to Saigon through the mountainsDecember 2016 - February 2017~2500 km

We’re back to Vietnam, this time to go from Hanoi to Saigon following the so-called “Ho Chi Minh Highway”. This is our first trip on tricycles.

Mekong DeltaNovember 2015 - December 2015~700 km

One more winter spent in Vietnam. We came back because we were too tired to do it last year when we went from Hanoi to Saigon. This time we will visit the cities in the Mekong Delta and its capital city, Cần Thơ, finishing with a visit to Củ Chi tunnels. A loop from Saigon to Saigon.

From the Nistru to the TiszaMay 2015 - July 2015~1550 km

I was missing Romania and the Romanian language so much that I decided to do this trip. The route goes from the Nistru river to the Tisza river, which are roughly the two rivers between which the Romanian-speaking people live. My route started in Odessa (Ukraine) and ended in Szeged (Hungary), going through Moldova and Romania.

From Hanoi to SaigonDecember 2014 - February 2015~2500 km

After New Zealand, we thought of where to cycle next winter. Vietnam had the perfect shape to cycle for 3 months following the coast between its two main cities: Hanoi and Saigon. So that is what we did. We visited Ha Long, Ninh Binh, Hue, Da Nang, Nha Trang and Vung Tau.

Eastern PortugalMay 2014 - July 2014~1300 km

In spring 2014, I did Portugal by myself. Instead of following the coast, this time I did the Eastern part of the country following the Spanish border. I went from Bragança to Vila-Real de Santo António passing through Guarda, Castelo Branco and Portalegre.

New Zealand’s North IslandJanuary 2014 - March 2014~3600 km

After cycling the Southern Island, we decided to do the Northern Island. Although not as scenic as the South, it was still exciting and beautiful. Our route started in Auckland, going down to Wellington through New Plymouth and then up again through Napier, Gisborne and Tauranga. After that, we did the northern tip and back to Auckland.

TaiwanDecember 2013 - December 2013~1100 km

We wanted to cycle somewhere before spending 3 months in New Zealand and Taiwan was the perfect place to do in one month. We went from Taipei to Taipei following the coast. The west coast was industrial and over-populated, while the east coast was unspoilt and very scenic.

Catalonia’s regional capitalsAugust 2013 - September 2013~1400 km

I did this trip with a group of people. I joined them when they had already started the trip (several days afterwards). We went from one regional capital to another every day and the trip ended in Barcelona. It took us several weeks and this was my first group cycling trip.

New Zealand’s South IslandJanuary 2013 - March 2013~2500 km

This was my first trip outside of Europe. New Zealand’s South Island is very good for cycling and the landscapes are breath-taking. It took us 3 months to go from Christchurch to Christchurch following the coast, through Dunedin, Invercargill, Te Anau, Queenstown, Westport, Nelson.

Northern to Southern CataloniaApril 2012 - August 2012~700 km

We started my trip in Salses (Northern Catalonia) with the intention of going all the way down to Guardamar (Valencian Country) but could not finish it and decided to continue it another time in the future.

The Danube RouteAugust 2011 - October 2011~2600 km

My second cycling trip was the Danube route. We started near Basel to get to the start ́(Donaueschingen) all the way to the Black Sea (Tulcea, Romania). We went through cities like Ulm, Passau, Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest, Novi Sad, Belgrade, Turnu Severin and Tulcea.

PortugalizaMay 2011 - June 2011~1400 km

This was my first cycling trip. I went from Northern Galicia (Estaca de Bares) down to Southern Portugal (Sagres) roughly following the coast and visiting some big cities like A Coruña, Santiago, Vigo, Braga, Porto, Coimbra, Lisbon, Setúbal and Lagos.

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